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Image Posted 44 Jan 2019   by admin

Motivation is vitally important to us, in our personal lives and in business. The way we talk and think can have a huge impact on our motivation. A recent study by management coach John Pratlett looked at the neuroscience behind motivation, and how we can control it. Here, Westcoast Direct review this study, and look at how businesses can use it to increase their levels of motivation.

“The brain is the most powerful tool that we have, and it reacts in predictable ways when subjected to certain stimuli”, said Inder Tiwana, director of Westcoast Direct. “By understanding what these stimuli are, we can engage in brain training that will make us more motivated. Business is a creative activity, but science such as this can also be highly useful.”

The study shows that when you say or think ‘I am’, for example ‘I am angry’ or ‘I am scared’, the brain’s fight or flight mechanism is activated. This is because ‘I am’ has a sense of permanence to it. In contrast, ‘I feel’ has a much more fleeting and manageable aspect to it, as in ‘I feel sad’, or ‘I feel overwhelmed’. Neurological research has shown that when people say ‘I feel’ there is a flow of blood away from the central area of the brain, where fight/flight receptors are located, and towards the pre-frontal cortex associated with problem-solving and empathy.

This can be taken to another level when the verb ‘I’m doing’ is used. By saying ‘I’m doing frustration’ for example, rather than ‘I am frustrated’ or ‘I feel frustrated’, you’re telling your brain that you’re in control. It will react accordingly. By contrast, the strong and permanent ‘I am’ is better for positive emotions, such as ‘I am motivated’, as opposed to ‘I feel motivated’ or ‘I’m doing motivation’.

“This fascinating study can prove invaluable for entrepreneurs”, said Inder Tiwana. “We all recognise how important motivation is, but many people don’t realise how much impact their choice of words has upon it. Neuroscience has shown us how to increase our own levels of motivation. By saying ‘I am’ we can heighten positive emotions, and by saying ‘I feel’ or ‘I’m doing’ we can control and dispel negative emotions.”

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