Westcoast Direct Review the Importance of Technology

Image Posted 26 Jan 2019   by admin

Technology is changing by the day, and making a dramatic difference to both our domestic and business lives. One of the factors behind this revolution is the growth of smart phone apps. They are making the internet more accessible, and more useful, than ever. A report in Direct Marketing News looked at the latest app for the world of business, Refresh. Here, Westcoast Direct review this report, and consider the importance of technology to businesses today.

“The latest apps are making business easier than ever, but it’s important to find the right app for your needs”, said Inder Tiwana, director of Westcoast Direct. “There are so many apps out there, that they can end up using time that could have been used more productively. Nevertheless, some apps, such as Refresh, can become an essential business tool.”

The report named Refresh as its app of the week. The primary aim of the app is to provide relevant information before you go into a meeting or presentation. Prior research is essential if you want to make a success of a business pitch, but it can be time consuming. With so much to remember going into a meeting, it can be easy to forget the information that you were looking at the night before. That’s where this app comes into its own. It scours the internet, including social media networks, to provide relevant information about the person that you’re about to speak to. This not only saves time that would be spent on research, it helps you become better informed.

Knowledge is power in business. The information provided by the Refresh app can help you tailor your pitch to the individual. Refresh users won’t have to worry about forgetting information or, even worse, getting one potential client mixed up with another, because they can consult the app just before they enter the meeting. It’s a modern day aide de memoire with a myriad of uses.

“Refresh is a highly useful app to business people across all sectors”, said Inder Tiwana. “It’s fascinating to see how inventive app designers are becoming, as they keep finding ideas that hadn’t been thought of before. That’s why it’s so important to keep up to date with advances in technology. By using the latest invaluable apps, you can stay one step ahead of your opposition. This is especially useful within the sales and marketing industry.”

The innovative sales campaigns run by Westcoast Direct are another way for businesses to keep ahead of their competitors. Their customer acquisition and brand growing skills can help companies expand nationally and internationally.