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Image Posted 44 Dec 2018   by admin

If like most people you have been following the certain sports around the world that are their favourites, you may have noticed some of the parallels between what it takes to be a great athlete and what it takes to succeed in business. While the right mentality and drive are important, both athletes and business people succeed when they are very goal oriented, and set clear long and short term goals that help them get things done on the path to greatness. Here, leading marketing consultancy Westcoast Direct review the importance of goals in business, sports, and life in general:

‘Athletes set themselves a lot of goals. Small ones that they use in their training, that help them structure their work so they can get stronger and better in different areas of the game, and career goals, like playing for their team as a key starting player, or being selected for their country. The players you see at the World Cup will have set and met hundreds of goals to get to where they are, no matter who they play for or their age and position. Said the CEO.

‘Just like a footballer or any other pro athlete, everybody needs goals to help organise where they should be putting their effort at any given time, and what they want to get out of it.’ he continued. ‘It helps you to have personal goals to help you achieve things in your personal life, such as say, learning something new or expanding your social life, and of course, it helps you in business to know what you are aiming for.’

‘For people in leadership positions such as managers and business owners, setting short and long term goals doesn’t just help drive you, but helps drive your entire organisation. Having shared goals as a company is a lot like having goals as a team – each player has their own things to work on and their own goals to achieve, but together as an entity the team also needs to be working towards something clear and meaningful, whether that is qualifying for a championship or winning it!’

‘I try and instil a sense of goal oriented working in my team, at Westcoast Direct, and help provide goals for us as a business that we can all pull together to work towards, and share in the satisfaction and success when we achieve them. I think this is really important to the culture of our organisation.’ he concluded.