Westcoast Direct Review Why the Personal Touch is Vital to Branding Success - Westcoast Direct Solutions

Image Posted 13 Dec 2018   by admin

It has been proven in numerous studies into consumer behaviour that people tend to form better opinions and stronger relationships with brands where they feel they have a person they know who represents the organisation to them. This is true of companies both large and small – the personal touch always outweighs the weight of a corporate presence that is seen as faceless. Even some of the biggest companies in the world use sales channels that connect clients with individual people they can go to when they have a problem or want to buy something, and this works very well for them. Microsoft, for example, use partner companies all over the world so businesses can buy their licenses for Microsoft software from a trusted local business where they can form a relationship with somebody. Here, leading marketing company WestCoast Direct review just why the personal touch has such an impact on brand reputation:

‘Our company specialises in face to face marketing strategies because we believe this is the most powerful way to connect with customers and demonstrate the values of a brand.’ said the CEO. ‘The face to face approach is more valuable than ever in the current age when people are getting constant digital messages from different companies – it all becomes noise. When you actually have a real person you can talk to, that stands out in your mind and you are far more likely to want to do business with that person than the company whose ad popped up when you did a Google search.’

‘Even the biggest names in business appreciate that their companies can seem like huge faceless entities, and that this isn’t what people want, so they make sure they are represented by good approachable people who give their brand a face. Whenever someone phones up a major company like their mobile provider, it is the person they speak to that sticks in their mind and gives them an impression of how much that company values their clients. It is exactly the same in marketing – get in front of people and show them you are good to deal with, and they will remember that far more than any slogans or other corporate branding exercises. People are what make up successful brands, and smart business owners know this.’ Inder Tiwana, CEO of Westcoast Direct concluded.