Westcoast Direct Solutions Shares The Importance of a Morning Routine - Westcoast Direct Solutions

Image Posted 21 Nov 2018   by admin

One of the greatest things about mornings is that you’re up before your competition and rivals. Mornings are a great way to make sure you’re on top of everything, and your priorities are taken care of. “Many times we become very caught up with overworking and overtime that we forget we need rest, sleep and to wake up early. Studies show that individuals that wake up early tend to feel more productive and get the most done throughout the day,” says Inder Tiawana, managing director of Westcoast Direct Solutions. Waking up early and making sure you’re having those mini breaks in between really helps to solidify your schedule, as well as your lifestyle.

According to Goalcast’s article “Kevin O’Leary’s Morning Routine Offers Us the Key to Having a Successful Day” by Aly Walansky, the writer says “So how does he start his day fresh and ready for business? Well, for starters, he wakes up early, he recently shared in an Instagram video. “I wake up at 4:30 a.m.,” O’Leary said on CNBC Make It’s Instagram. O’Leary has shared that he sleeps around six hours at night, which is actually less than the Center for Disease Control recommends, but he is a fan of perking himself up during the day with power naps. “My secret power is napping anywhere,” he said in the Instagram video “I squeeze in a lot of 20-minute power snoozes.” That morning pre-dawn wakeup is followed by around 45 minutes of cardio workouts at the gym, and then he heads to work. O’Leary then starts his workday by checking out the morning headlines.”

At Westcoast Direct Solutions, We always wondered how successful individuals balance everything and make sure they are taking full advantage of their time. Starting your day early promotes that kind of lifestyle. It is healthy, and you get more done throughout the way. Rather than waiting on that 9 A.M. typical morning — be different and get up earlier. Accomplish your dreams sooner, one step at a time by creating your lifestyle with mornings.