Westcoast Direct Talks About Heeding Your Inner Business Voice

Image Posted 22 Oct 2018   by admin

Many business owners try to simplify their jobs into making decisions based on stats, advisory, and research, without really putting much of their own creativity and intuition into projects. While everything can certainly be outsourced if the budget allows, sometimes it’s better to blaze your own path and put your internal innovation to good use. We sat down with Inder Tiwana from Westcoast Direct to discuss the importance of developing and listening to your “inner voice” within the realm of business.

“Sometimes there isn’t any precedence or evidence that will convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to succeed. In fact, such 100% assurance is a very rare thing in business, so there is always a degree of risk. The question is not whether you’re taking risks, it’s whether those risks are worth taking” said Inder Tiwana. “In most cases, the risks you take in business aren’t threatening enough to be life-changing events, so there’s no sense living in fear of failure. I would have never founded Westcoast Direct if I were afraid of every possible negative outcome.”

There seems to be a widespread idea that “business and emotions shouldn’t be mixed,” but according to Inder Tiwana, “spontaneous decisions and new venture ideas can sometimes be the biggest breakthroughs that you didn’t expect. For example, the idea to launch Westcoast Direct was spawned as I was working on another business project. That just goes to show that sometimes your subconscious will serve up an idea that’s even better than what you had originally planned,” he surmised.

Of course, you shouldn’t go acting on every hunch that comes to mind, and due diligence is certainly still necessary, but it’s wise to at least be open to new ideas This type of flexibility will allow you to facilitate innovation and creativity without putting artificial blinders and blockades in front of your progress.

“Listening to my inner business voice is what led to me founding Westcoast Direct, which has since become a very successful venture,” said Inder Tiwana. It’s clear that he’s vehement about letting people know that sometimes the best ideas come from within. In conclusion, you don’t always need fancy market research, proof of concept, or an extensive ad budget to test the waters before diving in. Sometimes a great idea is just a great idea and you should run with it instead of procrastinating and hesitating due to fear.