Westcoast Direct Discusses Reducing Stress to Improve Productivity

Image Posted 23 Oct 2018   by admin

As an energetic leader of Westcoast Direct marketing group, CEO and owner Inder Tiwana understands that stress can be a major obstacle to productivity. “Not only is stress one of the leading causes of the five major life-threatening illnesses, but it can keep you from thinking clearly or acting your best,” he notes.

It is a well-known fact and widely publicized on the CDC website as well as WebMD that stress is a leading cause of illness. However, when you are in a fast-paced direct marketing and sales environment like that of Westcoast Direct, how can you reduce the levels of stress you are exposed to on a daily basis?

Inder Tiwana suggests everyone should take a few moments break several times a day to simply “walk it off,” as he calls it. Step away from your tasks, walk around the building, outdoors that is, or spend your lunch hour at the park or someplace quiet and reflective.

“One of the reasons why so many direct marketing professionals are exposed to stress is that they are the face of the clients they represent. They are sometimes the only face a customer will ever see when dealing with a brand and they want to get it right. They want to put their best foot forward and they want to be a true representation of the brands they work with,” he says.

This can place a high level of stress on the shoulders of someone working with the public. After all, you not only represent the client when working for marketing agencies like Westcoast Direct; you are also a representation of the marketing team you work with.

“I recognize that my team comes from differing cultures and as a result have different ways of dealing with stress, but as the managing director of Westcoast Direct, it’s my job to help my team find that place of inner calm that reduces the day to day stress they are exposed to. I, myself, am more productive when I can approach a stressful situation from a place of calm and that’s how I’d like my team to function.”

Everyone is exposed to stress but the key is in learning how to cope with it so that it doesn’t interfere with productivity. Inder Tiwana recommends that every team leader learn first to get a handle on their own stress and then help those on the team do the same. It’s a win-win solution and a major boost to morale and productivity all at the same time.