Westcoast Direct Looks at the Economy Through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur

Image Posted 19 Sep 2018   by admin

As a Vancouver-based direct marketing agency, Westcoast Direct is highly in tune with the U.S. and Canadian economies. Although both countries have economies which are growing, Canada has not reached the growth economists had projected and that has become a worry among some factions of the population. Will this mean few jobs available or are the figures being released simply not up to today? Here, Inder Tiwana looks at some reasons why those figures may be skewed to some extent.

“As a direct marketing agency, we at Westcoast Direct bring products to market for some of the biggest brands in Canada. Those brands have come to us to help promote their products because sales haven’t been as high as expected,” he explains.

Of course, the economy depends largely on large corporations, but there is another segment of the economy which probably isn’t being accurately represented. Inder Tiwana explains that many professionals have now branched out on their own and are independent contractors or entrepreneurs working apart from, but alongside, those larger corporations. That income may not be accurately represented in the figures being released by the government and it may take another tax year before the real figures can be assessed.

However, there is much truth in the fact that sales are not as high as projected and it isn’t always a matter of a downturn in the economy. The owner and founder of Westcoast Direct goes on to explain that marketing attempts may also be failing. “Today’s consumer is looking to engage with brands they buy from and much of the marketing and advertising being used is simply not reaching those consumers where they can be found,” he says. “That’s where Westcoast Direct comes into the equation.”

The newest trend in social marketing is with a direct, face to face approach and that is something that appeals to Millennials, the generation with the most buying power today while Boomers still hold the greatest number of investors. Inder Tiwana understands that the numbers recently released are based on corporate filings and tax returns, but he also knows that the economy is in much better shape than those figures would have you believe. Once the individual tax filings of entrepreneurs begin entering the equation, he believes a truer picture of the economy will result. If the success of Inder Tiwana, Westcoast Direct and his team of entrepreneurs is an example of what the new state of the economy will show, it’s a good bet that those figures recently released are definitely incomplete.