Westcoast Direct Shares The Value of Apps

Image Posted 57 Jul 2018   by admin

Technology has vastly improved. In our day and age, everything is super fast and up to date. We find that technology has improved our daily life and has made it super convenient. Along with convenience, we know that there are a couple tech-related tools we value very much. At Westcoast Direct, our goal is to be productive and use innovation as a tool for our needs. We love substantial growth and results. Apps can help us acquire what we need more efficiently and conveniently. “There are so many productive apps in the world right now, and we use a few daily that help us communicate and make our environment more productive at Westcoast Direct,” says Inder Tiwana, managing director of Westcoast Direct.


Hours helps us to be more conscious of the way we spend our time. Seeing how much time we spend on a specific task or activities throughout the day narrows down what we can work on to better ourselves for much better things. Hours, at the end of the day, lets you know how much and what you can do to better yourself for the next day. It helps us get out of distracting habits.


Slack is a great app to keep in touch with our crew members and create different groups to talk in. To converse in various projects, we’re working on or just to see updates on how well everything is going, Slack really helps us communicate better with our colleagues at Westcoast Direct Solutions.


This innovative ‘to-do’ list is virtual. Let’s face it, we’re always on our phone anyway, so our to-do list may as well be. This app helps us manage different projects and has a quick way of showing how to achieve everything professionally and personally.